Slivers of life

summer sun, bronzed skin
black, white, red and silver, spinning around my body
green all around

late night whisky, souls meeting
laughter, joy, music
stolen kisses, random encounters
friendly routine, building connections
delving into minds, sharing realities
Tuesdays suck

touches of family life
a great friend discovered
wonderful feelings
closeness, reality, depth
past, present, future
all together

new explorations, new vistas
new life, new ideals
learning about others
learning about myself
doors opening

passion knocks a table over
laughter and flirting
meet me in the back
romance under an awning, rain splashes our feet,
lips, so soft
OK, just one kiss

loving the adventure
loving the city
loving others
loving ones self

reaching out

I can’t stop smiling

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