The Lesson

I know my lesson now, why she came into my life, why I loved her, why I needed to know her and to go through this experience.

One of the most powerful, and difficult lessons to learn I believe. Something that I still need to work on, something that will take time and practice, something that wont happen overnight, especially for someone as sensitive and emotional as myself.

The lesson of forgiveness

Forgiving others, and forgiving yourself.

After the events that transpired over the weekend sunk in, and as I wrote, my thoughts kept coming back to the parallel between this situation and what happened between me and my ex wife.

I thought I had made my peace with her, obviously, I had not, at least not fully.

As I forgave Mara, I found myself realizing, that if I can forgive her, I can forgive me. Forgive myself for the pain I caused in Becca, knowing what I did was not right, was not fair, just as what Mara put me through was not right, or not fair, but forgiving none the less.

I still feel a weight on my shoulders, a lump in my throat, and heaviness in my heart, but that too will pass.

I may finally be able to let go of my past, as they both let go of theirs, the chains that it holds on me, the suffering that I allow it to cause my soul, and be free to move forward, onward, into whatever awaits me, whatever I create for myself.

Ladies, I owe you both so much, and I thank you and honor you for being such important parts of my life, and I love you both dearly.

And to myself, I love you Dawn

I forgive you

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