What it feels like dating as a trans person

There is this club, it’s huge, it’s ridiculously huge, and pretty much everyone you know enjoys going there. Some go occasionally, some go often and make it a big part of their lives. Did I say how huge it is?, we’re talking multiple Olympic installations here, it would probably take you a couple hours to walk from end to another.

It’s bright, it’s shiny, it’s clean (aside from the dirty rooms in the back, but some people like those as well). It’s got all sorts of people there, all walks of life, all types, all styles, the muggles, the queers, the macho douchebags and flamboyant fairies, and there is always someone for everyone in there. It’s got no cover and the drinks are cheap, and the music always seems to be what each person feels like listening to.

And it’s always packed in there, but no matter how busy it gets, there always seems to be room for more to come in.

Over the huge front doors which never seem to have a line up in front, there is a sign, bright, glaring, almost-gaudy-but-just-manages-to-miss-it sign. This place is called “The Dating Club”

But there’s a sign on the door, a big hand written sign, which reads “No Trannies”

The sign has an arrow pointing to the right, pointing at a dirty, dilapidated, roach infested building, lights flickering in front, crackheads drooling on themselves hanging around the front.

“The Tranny Bar”


2 Responses to "What it feels like dating as a trans person"

  • I find this post so disheartening. To think that Transgendered people are thought of in the same vein as crackheads and deserving of no more than what you described is repugnant. We are deserving of the same treatment and regard as gays and llesbians NOW have.

    1 Alicia Masters said this (January 25, 2015 at 3:03 am)

  • I agree Alicia, but too often, this is what it feels like to me

    2 Dawn said this (January 25, 2015 at 9:00 pm)

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