What is my flavour of trans?

I read a post today on Facebook that rubbed me the wrong way, as you’ll see later on in this piece, I think I may have interpreted it incorrectly as it triggered the “if you don’t see trans like XYZ, then you’re doing trans wrong”. This is an issue in our “community”…. I use quotes there because we barely have a community as each persons interpretation of what is trans for them is always different than the next…. and we end up infighting instead of getting anything constructive done half the time. One of the reasons I don’t consider myself part of any communities…..

I’m not going to post her words verbatim out of respect for one’s anonymity, but you’ll get an idea of what the first post was from my words below

Responding to the thread that generated from the post took me a while, and made me think a lot about stuff that I haven’t considered in a while, and due to this, I want to share it here. I’ll read back upon this in the future, and I’m sure my views will have shifted, and I think this is a nice snapshot for this moment in time.

My words verbatim. The words in italics have been added for this posting to elaborate on the backstory.


First off, I think the way I read the original post was “if you don’t hate your birth body, you aren’t doing trans right”, which in retrospect may have been a mistake so I apologize for that. We have a TON of “you aren’t the right type of trans” in our communities, and it sickens me, even though I am guilty of thinking the same thoughts occasionally (i.e , I still have problems with a furry guy wearing a dress, and I don’t want to have those problems, but in all honesty, I do…. trying to be fully honest here  ).

I remember in my agonizing over whether I should transition or not (I finally did it at 35, only last year), when I spent a week or two alone, my dysphoria was almost easy to handle. Yes I wanted to be female, and no I can’t explain why, but the fact that I was male in a male body wasn’t the end of the world. It was when I was around people that I would get triggered all of the time, and those are definitely social cues affecting me, after all, what else could they be?.


I posed the question of, if you lived on a desert island, never having contact with another human being, would you still feel dysphoric….would you still be trans?


I think if I lived on that hypothetical desert island, I wouldn’t have had these problems. And that concept held me back for a long time…. i.e….. maybe I’m not really trans…. maybe I’m just screwed up / confused / whatever.

But since I don’t live secluded on a desert island, I still had to deal with the world, and the world saw me as male, and treated me as such. I knew I was going to end up killing myself over it, but I never felt hate or discomfort about my body, it was a hatred that was from me to the world in not seeing me the way I wanted to be seen, in the way that I saw myself, after all, not all women have curves, or even feminine figures, many have receeding hairlines, or masculine muscles, yet they are still seen as women. Why couldn’t I be seen that way in my former body?… because that’s not how our world works


she stated that in her belief system, gender has no place in human society and that it has been used as a tool to repress women


Personally, I don’t believe that gender has no place in the human world. Gender stereotypes are bullshit, that’s for sure, and a feminine spirit can exist within a male body just as much as a masculine spirit can exist in a female body, without being trans in any way. Restricting each person’s expression is what bothers me in our society, seeing masculine traits as positive and feminine traits as negative, that infuriates me and there is NO reason for that to be so prevalent, but I do believe that there is essentially a duality, and yes, people can traverse that duality, people can be in the middle of that duality, it’s not fixed, it’s not tied to genitalia, but to me, it is a basic part of nature. It’s everywhere in nature, and we are all part of nature, so what would make humans different than any other living creature on this planet?. I truly feel, and always felt, that I had a feminine / female / woman’s soul within me, and maybe if I had been raised in a culture which celebrated this, maybe then I wouldn’t have had to physically transition….. I don’t know, impossible to say. But within the culture and reality that we inhabit, I had no choice to match my physical to what I feel is my spirit.

The other wrench in the equation for me is simply that without T in my system, and having E in it’s place, I simply feel better. I feel more alive, I don’t feel held back by the rage that used to fill me. Even while completely alone, where social gender doesn’t exist (back to the desert island concept, and kind of screws the desert island concept), I feel at peace, I feel more like I think I should feel, I feel like I fit in my body…. perhaps this is the “identifying with your body” that you were referring to and that I may have misunderstood?. Science tells us that hormones shouldn’t have psychological impact on our actual brain matter, so when I’m not in a social environment, I’m not being soothed by being seen as female, why does it make such an enormous difference in me?. Who knows, but all trans folk that I know have felt the same way, regardless of the direction they’re travelling in.

Even though it seems I pass a lot of the time (that still surprises the fuck out of me to be honest), I still have certain male physical features, and yes, I still have my penis, but none of this bothers me, it doesn’t make me feel less of a woman. I don’t have a *female* body, I have a *feminine* body (and I consider my genitalia feminine as well even though it technically is the opposite of that), and that feels wonderful to me, with or without the social interaction, which again screws up the desert island hypothesis. So maybe I was a bit more body dysphoric than I had thought when sitting down to write this post, who knows, I’m only a year old and figuring myself out still , I think I could have survived having a male body and still lead a decent life, I know I wouldn’t have been able to continue being seen as male, I was ready to check out because of that

does any of this make sense?

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