So…. it’s been an interesting month…..

An old friend who I thought was supportive of me, someone from my past, who cheerleaded me through transition, who I’ve written about before, has become a TERF (google it if you don’t know, I don’t feel like getting into it)…. that kind of fucked me up a bit. Just realized it last night, tried to ask her about it and she immediately blocked me…. oh well….

I wonder what fueled her hatred, I hope she finds her way out of her darkness at one point. Either way, a door closes. Part of life I suppose

Someone who became a very good friend in a very short amount of time flipped out at me for being a feminist, who he sees as the cause of all the worlds ills and gave me an ultimatum to give up my ideology or lose him as a friend….. another door closes.

And that really cute teacher that I was jiving with so well?, gay…. dammit…. hehehehehehehehehheh. A wonderful guy, I enjoy our classes immensely and I’m improving fast, and I also enjoy hanging with him and I’m looking forward to getting to know him better. Not just a teacher, I consider him a friend. The door remains open, and probably in a better way than I had originally pined for

The one from across the country, I was getting my hopes up, starting to count on him, and when I realized that he probably wasn’t going to come see me like he said he would, it hit me, I was doing it again, before I’m ready to do so, ignoring the red flags as usual, using him as a boost to my moods. The door isn’t closed, but it’s changed, lets say its ajar…

We had our first trans pride march this past Sunday, a wonderful day, marching and chanting through the city, screaming for our rights to be taken seriously by the government. See…. while half of Canada has already removed the requirement for genital surgery before we can be accepted legally as our new genders… and while Quebec has officially rescinded that law last December, they haven’t put into place what the new rules will be, how it will work now that they have declared the old way as discriminatory, so nothing has changed for us. I’m still considered legally male, so if I want a new passport, it will have a big fucking M on it, and I’m not accepting that and the danger that it will bring to me. We’ll kick that fucking door down dammit

I made a choice this summer to no longer give my time to those who aren’t interested in giving their time to me. That shut a couple of doors, and while it hurt and filled me with anxiety that I’m being “mean”, it was necessary to do so.

Became very close to a couple friends I’ve known for a while, opened up, and they to me. Great women, great support, lots of love. Doors bursting open

I got to be interviewed by a journalist for a piece on Radio Canada, which overall went really well even though the piece ended up only 5 minutes long and had a bit of misquoting in it. She closed with the fact that I’ve been essentially grounded from travelling due to Quebec not getting their head out of their ass with respect to our gender markers, not grounded by my company I should add, but grounded by fear of being pulled aside by ignorant customs agents, drilled about what I am, not something that any of us should be put through. A door to shedding ignorance cracked open a bit, I want to do more of this, more talks, more activism

During the march I ran into an old trans friend of mine who now works at the support group I went to a lifetime ago. She asks me to come by, I decline as the stories of those that go are not mine, these are the sad stories, the ones that I was so afraid of when I started on this path, these aren’t people that I can connect with at that level. She understands me, but tells me that I can be a positive story to raise their spirits, that I don’t need more support but that I can help these women and men. I think about it, and realize she is right, and I’ll be going next Monday. A door opens wide that I can invite people through, I keep getting told what an inspiration I can be, let’s make it matter shall we?

I ran into another woman at the march that I had only met once, almost two years ago, she was with this wonderful young trans woman, just entering womanhood, who has been having a rough time of it due to location, finances, etc. She needs strength, and she took to mine like a fish to water. I love her already, I see the stunning and fierce woman that she will grow into even if she doesn’t. I’m taking her under my wing, I’ll do my best so she can start opening her own doors.

Still meeting new people all the time, wonderful, interesting, crazy and beautiful characters. Little doors here and there, peeking through into different worlds, different experiences, different realities.

looking back over this time, I guess a lot of stuff has happened that could have been devastating, and while some of it hurt, it hasn’t put me down, hasn’t pushed me back into the darkness, or that green fog. I keep strutting my stuff, closing doors that I no longer need, kicking through others, standing up for myself, doing what I need to do

and that’s a good thing


that’s a great fucking thing



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