2013…. thank you

It’s been one hell of a year, probably the biggest in my 36 years on this little blue marble we all call home.

I’ve managed to make it through in one piece, but without the people who have supported me, challenged me, loved me, even hated me and forced me to reexamine myself, I wouldn’t have been able to do it. I’ve been struggling with some pretty scary thoughts over the past few years, thoughts I don’t really want to get into, because I don’t want to scare anyone, but suffice it to say, they have passed.

I’ve fought, cried, lashed out in anger, explored, cried (yes it needs repeating), died time and time again, dreamed, hoped, lost and loved and lost again, plodded through the darkness, and held on to the light.

I’ve allowed myself to open up, live my truth, be the person I always claimed to be, the person that others have always seen in me yet I never had the courage to believe them.

Once I allowed myself to truly believe, to have faith, not in some mystical sky fairy, but true faith, which can only be in yourself, my life, finally, truly began.

But without all of you, I would still be a shell of a man, a sad and broken creature, you’ve all made this possible. Yes it was my fight, but no one, no one at all can make it in this crazy life without others, be they strong and true friends, or random strangers who happen to throw a droplet of love your way.

Following is a list, a wall of names, some real, some pseudonyms.

I love you, and thank you all.

Andra, Andre, Audre, Billie, Brynn, Carina, Carlos, Caroline, Cass, Cid, Chuck, Christina, Danny, Davey, David, Dawn, Denyse, Derek, Doanna, Eric, Em, Ejaz, Eve, Francis, Gab, Gabby, Gen, Gianni, Hada, Indy, Jasmine, Jeff, Jem, Jen, Jenn, JJ, Joe, Juli, Laurence, Kahlan, KittyKat, Linda, Lisa, Luis, Marie-Eve, Mark #1, Mark #2, Marty, Masha, Manifesting Magic, Mariusz, May, Michael, Michel, Myron, nameless guitar man, Natalie, Nicole, Nina, Obsidian Kingdom, Open Mind, Patty, Paul, Rachel, Rainbow, Ray, Richard (english version), Richard (french version), Ricky, Robert, Samira, Santosh, Shirley, Stephanie, Sophie #1, Sophie #2, Suhail, Susan, Suzel, The Doctor, Therese, Tina, Twyla, Vincent

as well as every nameless person who treated me well, smiled instead of scorned, accepted, opened their minds and their hearts

and last, but definitely not least, my old family and Becca…..

and… of course….. Phil

I raise a glass to all of you, to the world, and to this devastating, yet wonderful year

Here’s to 2014




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