Stitches of Time

all paraphrasing of course, unless I’m not, but it’s not important, what is key is the message within. These are all blessings that I’ve been given this year, maybe to me, maybe I’ve been given the gift to say them, maybe I simply heard them

“I’ve never experienced anything like this my entire life, and you’ve all been part of it, thank you”

“my god you’re beautiful”

“you know, ever since the festival, actually, ever since I’ve met all of you, I just feel so much more positive about … well … about everything actually”

“you’ve been Dawn for months now regardless of what you’ve been wearing. Superman is still superman even when he’s not wearing his cape”

“tonight, this weekend, I met the real you, I’m looking at her right now”

“don’t give up, you can have the life you want, I don’t want to see you married, fat and unhappy, haven given up. That’s not for you, promise me that”

“just live, just be”

“I remember looking at the two of you this morning, him with his coffee and wild beard, you in your bikini top, taping hoops, at your home, after we all just had such a beautiful experience together the night before, and I ask myself, is this even real?, do these beautiful people that I’ve just met but feel so close to, are they real?, do they actually exist?, can people live this way?. When I’m at work, and I think about my new life, it’s as if its happening to someone else, it’s so beautiful that it can’t be real….. can it?”

“you’re so calm now”

“take my hand… breathe…. it’ll be ok”

“I’ve been watching you these past couple of days, and I just needed to say… thank you… my god thank you…. you are so comfortable in your own skin, you have such a beautiful energy coming from you, just the way that you dance makes people around you smile…. thank you for being here and giving yourself to us”

“there is something about you, I’ve always had this easy connection to you and felt safe, and I want to share with you, but I’m scared…. ”

“She was beautiful, but not like those girls in the magazines. She was beautiful, for the way she thought. She was beautiful, for that sparkle in her eyes when she talked about something she loved. She was beautiful, for her ability to make other people smile even when she was sad. No, she wasn’t beautiful for something as temporary as her looks. She was beautiful, deep down to her soul”

“This is Dawn, I just met her a few hours ago, but we shared something beautiful and magical together”

“I was thinking the other day about all the people who have newly come into my life, and I just wanted to let you know that I’m really happy to know you. I’m not often on fb, but seeing you here makes me smile. Thanks for your positive energy!”

“You, this, all of it, are Montreal for me, and I’ll be back”

“You are so comfortable in your own skin, that everyone around you has no choice but to be comfortable as well”

“… you should talk and share yourself, you have a gift….”

“You guys go ahead, I’m good here”

“I had such a beautiful day, that it couldn’t get any better, until it did”

“I normally find it so hard to talk about this stuff….but with you… it’s so easy, I want to share, and it feels so good”

“I’ve missed holding you”

“Welcome to the tribe”

“You’re without a doubt the most interesting person I’ve met here, I keep looking out for you wanting to chat some more”

“thank you for our challenges, thank you for all the difficult choices we’ve had to make and all the obstacles that we’ve had to overcome, thank you for making us who we are”

“it’s all about sharing, giving, and love”

“four days later, I met you all, or re-met you as the case happens to be. And somehow, you all became my new family, just as I lost my old one”…… “oh wow, thank you, I feel really close to you as well”

“I’m so glad you came over, I saw you hug everyone else and I was all…. aww…. I want a hug as well”

“One day you’ll meet this awesome kid half your age, just out there in the world for the first real time, exploring, and you’ll take care of them a bit, and spend time with them, and you’re going to find that you get even more out of the meeting than they do. That’s all I want, keep yourself open to that in your future, and pay it forward. You’re an amazing person”

“Thank you for sharing so much of your time with me while you were here, I think we’re going to remember each other for as long as we live even if we never get to see each other again”

“Thank you for being a part of my life”

“You’re…. you’re… just Dawn”



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