Two down, rest of my life to go

I’m going to start this entry with my new favorite picture:

Isn’t it freakin awesome!!!!!, and thankfully, this happens to be the picture on my new work pass, Dawn’s new work pass :D.

Two days now down, and so far so good. Overall the reaction is very positive, lots of smiles, congratulations, and compliments on my look and my fashion sense. Some of those that seemed a bit uncomfortable at my androgynous look that I’ve been doing for the past month and a half have switched to happy smiles, the others, well, they still kind of ignore me or look somewhat unsure or uncertain, but that’s OK. The ones that count support me fully, and the ones that don’t support me fully don’t count 🙂

I even walked through the big cafeteria today, which for those of you not familiar with my work environment, feeds a company of ~2500 employees, and our little ~250 person outfit shares the building with them. I often go to the caf to get my lunch, and I had noticed over the past while that my andro look had really turned heads. Either I was dreaming today, or I blend so much better now. Eyes passed over me without noticing anything, I didn’t feel that I turned as many heads, and all in all, after the usual first 3 seconds of fear, I felt great.

No bathroom issues yet, I know there are some women uncomfortable sharing with me, oh well, they get to walk to the other side of the building then. If they want to be childish about this, they can take their own steps to avoid it all. I won’t.

and I guess that’s about it… life feels good. I enjoy making myself up in the morning, choosing an outfit. I love that I don’t have to hide myself, and I can walk with my head held high and my shoulders back, filled with pride at what I’ve accomplished, feeling sorry for those who actually let themselves be affected by someone else’s happiness. I feel free, I feel loved and full of love, and I can sleep at night without pills, or without staying up so late my legs refuse to keep me up, and that is truly wonderful.

so yeah, two days down, rest of my life to go…. can’t wait


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