I sat down with a guy at work today to tell him about me… well, to confirm it at the very least. After we chitchat for a few minutes, I say to him with a grin on my face “so!, have you heard the rumors?”

He laughs and replies, “the Greek crowd found out, that means everyone knows, you know that”

Told my director, no problem, he was worried that I was about to tell him I had found another job, hehe. I even brought up “oh boy, the next business trip is going to be interesting!”… he laughed as much as I did… but he never said “well, maybe we can’t send you anymore”, nothing like that slipped by at all… awesome

Found out that the Italian old timers (not that they’re that old, just that they’ve been here for ever) on the other side of the company all found out as well, and no one seems to have any issues in any way shape or form either, from what I understand the average opinion is it’s my life to live and if this is what I need then that’s just fine. Nothing wrong with that at all

Confirmed as well that a few of the girls figured it out on their own, they actually noticed the changes.

That company wide email may not even be necessary… hell, will I even make it another 6 weeks?, heheheh

What a wild ride.


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