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The subject of “hairy guy in panties” came up on a G+ group that I’m part of, and I just wanted to state my 0x02 cents on the issue, which is the same thing I replied to in the post:

I think there is a line between fat hairy guy in lingerie, and an actual trans person who for whatever reason can’t shave (due to being too closeted) and can’t get properly fitting stuff, and just trying to look as good as they can while acting out a bit. One is a pure and pure fetishist and I don’t consider them trans in any way shape or form, thats why we have the word transvestite (previously transvestic fetishist I believe), and what this person decides to do is of no consequence to me as they do not represent me, and anyone who thinks so is a fucking idiot not worth my time; the other, is just someone in a sad place that deserves compassion instead of judgement.

I’ve heard the story often from mid / late life transitioners that they first allowed themselves to experience some level of femininity through lingerie, masturbation, erotica, after all, when the hormones are raging you can end up doing a lot that you otherwise wouldn’t allow yourself to. In this day and age of online everything, it would make sense that the “acting out” would and could make its way online, and to those people I offer support and compassion, and I hope they come to love themselves enough to put away the porn and actually be themselves.

To the hairy guys in garter belts, hey, if it gets you off, great, don’t come prancing to me expecting me to treat you like a “sister”, being a woman isn’t a fucking game, it’s my life.


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