Thoughts that make me feel really small

If the universe is still expanding….. what is it expanding into?

Is there something else in the “other” that our universe is expanding into?, perhaps another universe?


What happens if two collide?

Are we in one fixed point expanding outwards from that point?, or does our universal center move?

Is the expansion a perfect oval / circle / whatever “they’ve” decided it to be?, or does it roll, shift, change?


After Philip K Dick’s mind imploded, he wrote: “God is the book of the Universe”, the sum of all possible knowledge about everything. Perhaps all of this is the universe trying to attain its own godhood, using each speck of life throughout its vast being as a way to experience everything there is to experience. Learning, feeling, being.

So what happens after the great crunch?

I’ve seen a set of cute images fly by on facebook from time to time, showing how patterns repeat themselves at the cosmic, and at the microcosmic level. The firing of neurons in a brain, the creation of a star.

If patterns repeat themselves, the expansion, the contraction, birth, death, the great cycle.

After the crunch, to the next bang, is anything kept?, is there a purpose to the cycle, can anything be gained by one run?

Will we all go through this again in X trillion years time?

Is there something sitting in the “other”, watching?

time for another drink

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